Voces del Sur (concert)
27. August

It will be buzzing with life in the blackbox this Friday night when Voces del Sur plays at the 1st anniversary of Lager11.

The repertoire includes both traditional and modern music that represents the width, richness and history of the South American continent. In addition, we also get a taste of African music presented at The Kwayela Univers, which is a South-African duo. There will be rhythms, there will be life, there will be a party!

For 28 years, Voces del Sur Voces has given us a taste of Latin American music. Welcome to an evening that makes you dance into the weekend.

Carolina Neira - vocals, perk

Carlos Cortes - guitar, charango

Håkan Henriksen - double bass

Udi Shlomo - drums

The Kwayela Univers consist of Sunniva Skjøstad Hovde and Rosha Vole.

The concert starts at 20.00.

Lager11 takes your safety seriously and follows all advice and orders about infection control. During the event, all participants will be assigned a permanent place and you must wear a face mask when not sitting in your place.


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