Ms. Scrooge (Family Show)
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06. December

Welcome to the family show «Ms. Scrooge»! The story is based on "A Christmas Tale" by Charles Dickens, a well-known and beloved adventure for many. We present a new version of the story with a female Scrooge in the lead role.

"Ms. Scrooge" is about the dangers of replacing humanity with greed and is a fantastic and exciting story that contains both drama, a lot of horror and a lesson that we all need to repeat.

With us in the ensemble, we have a number of children, young people and adults who are helping to create this story at Lager11. This diverse group of actors are needed to tell you this thrilling story.

Main character: Coby Omvlee

Directed by Alessandra Felli

Composer: Gunhild Hjertaas

Musician: Ingrid Steinkompf

Supervisor: Ingvild Tiller Naustan

Script consultant: Daria Glenter

Technique / lighting design: Rune Søholt

Early project manager producer in the preliminary project: Nanna Berntsen

The performance is produced by Lager11 in collaboration with Bizarra Productions with support from Trondheim kommune and Trøndelag fylkeskommune. We owe Teater Fusentast thanks for the loan of Coby Omvlee.


Sunday, December 6 at 6pm - Tickets

Tuesday, December 8 at 6pm - Tickets

Wednesday 9 December at 6pm - Tickets

Saturday, December 12 at 6pm - Tickets

If we have to cancel because of corona, you get your money back, except the fee.

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