Foreldre og barn-treff
FB bilde event blå
28. April

Welcome to a lunch meeting at Lager11 for parents and children between 11am - 2pm. The food stalls opens at 11am and closes at 1pm, but the doors are open until 2pm.

We invite you to the blackbox at 12pm. There will be singing, music and storytelling for children and parents by Lisa Hepsø or Hege Dalhaug. Lisa is a special educator and children and family pastor in Salem parish. Hege is a teacher and children and family pastor in Trondheim Frikirke.

The event is free.

There will be an opportunity to bring prams inside. If the child sleeps in the pram outside you may place it visible outside the window, while parents enjoy lunch and fellowship.

See you at Lager11 in Sluppenvegen 11!

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