Event designmarked KLAR
06. June

Welcome to the Designmarked with a star team of designers and artists from Trøndelag.

The exhibitors are:

Ile av Eli, Kallen & Co., miamaria, Cecilie Jystad, Miniminuskel, Mette of Norway, Lexie Love, TinaTing, Maiagold, Anine Hansen, Studio11, KittyMeLua, Elisabeth Lysholm, KashQDesign, by Tove M, Magnhild Rølvåg, MØRCK og Yhasyme.

There will be sales of unique products such as handmade jewelry, clothing and other textiles (ex. zero waste collections) and several products made from ceramics, wood, metal. There are pictures in various techniques, photography and posters.

The sales exhibition takes place in the blackbox at Lager11 on Saturday and Sunday, 5-6. June at 12pm till 6pm both days.

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